Jun 062014

slumber1 (2)

Sexii Trina invited me over for a weekend slumber party complete with Netflix and a pizza!  We stripped down to some sexy lingerie and waited for the pizza to arrive…  Unfortunately Trina can’t resist flirting with EVERY man she meets and the poor delivery guy was no exception!  She shook her juicy ass and he was putty in our hands!


  6 Responses to “SLUMBER PARTY”

  1. Damn i wish i was him.

  2. Hey, I am a big fan and I was wondering when are you two are going to fuck each other? I would love to see that because at the end of the video when Trina sucks Tracy dick just blew my mind.

  3. My favorite women two bad chicks at the same dam time

  4. I love big boooty

  5. I love shemale if any shemale what ti fuck with me just contact me aliissaliiss1@gmail.com

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