Apr 012020

I think I’m in love with my hung hunk… he brought over more matching underwear for us to play in and I thanked him by giving him all my warm mouth and wet bootyhole…  our beautiful bodies made magic together!

Mar 122020

This is another pill that promised size and increased stamina named Rhino XXX… well I don’t need help with size or stamina but I’m always willing to take it to the next level of nut busting…  enjoy the fat juicy load that oozed from my shecock!

Oct 192019

My last boy toy bought me Louboutin heels but this is my big daddy drug dealer and he has the real bag…  he showered me with Versace bags for each season and sealed the deal with a beautiful Versace necklace… the best gift was his wet mouth on me and I returned the love right back!

Sep 202019

 My “Creamsicle” co-star has really been a sweetheart outside the bedroom… he bought matching his and hers underwear and wanted to show off our hot bodies together for our fans… I thanked him with the slowest head and wettest hole imaginable!

Jan 102019

[flowplayer id=”2397″]

During this Government Shutdown I felt it was only right to do my part in bringing this country back together the best way I know how…  I invited this Trump supporter over and we bonded together not as Democrat or Republican but as fellow Americans united in sexual energy!  Let’s Make America Great Again one tranny lover at a time!

Nov 182018

[flowplayer id=”2386″]

Got some new manhole over but it started as a disappointment…  his mouth just wasn’t giving my shenis the feeling she needed to rise to the occasion… but once I mounted this manhole from behind… whoa baby, it was a whole new story full of strong backshots and a hot blast across his face!

Nov 112018

[flowplayer id=”2381″]

I’m so torn between being the dominant shemale top that I love to be and being a submissive bottom bitch who craves hard dick deep inside me…  I sucked and fucked this chocolate pole until I creamed all over him and he exploded!

Oct 152018

[flowplayer id=”2364″]

My t-pussy was overheating this night and I needed Mr Creamsicle to cool me off…  once again his cock and my loins met for a creamy, squishy encounter complete with my love juices all over his big meat… then he returned the favor and filled me with all of his love juices!

Oct 042018

[flowplayer id=”2358″]

Another regular client of mine was interested in filming his bangout and this time around I frightened myself with the fury I unleashed on his hole…  my hard shenis and his delectable boipussy made for a creamy, dreamy encounter and he covered me with his love juices!

Sep 302018

Taylor is a hot new white whore I’ve enrolled in my tranny training course and I must say she has potential… she sucks cock slow and wet but her ass wasn’t quite ready for my thrashing… I have to give her another chance to prove her skills but I think she’s a keeper!

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Sep 212018

[flowplayer id=”2346″]

I’ve done a few scenes with him before but he has never ravaged my hole like this… just when I think I am a true dominant shemale top, I get some great dick that reminds me how good it feels to get pounded and slutted!

Sep 032018

[flowplayer id=”2343″]

He had a profile on Pornhub with lots of videos showcasing his dick sucking and taking skills…  we met up and he gobbled me down while I squeezed on his juicy apple bottom…  I literally fucked the shit out of him!

Aug 272018

[flowplayer id=”2289″]

My co-star from “Comeback Cock” has come back again but this time with a little twist…  I’ve been banging his bunghole for a while but it was finally his turn to get a stab at my ass…  we swapped head and he bent this backside over and gave it to me slow and smooth…  we’re gonna have to be versatile more often!

Jul 302018

This guy was so hot for me, his throat was so thirsty for my shebeef, I had to satisfy the desires deep inside of him…  he sucked me off slow and strong and I pummeled his throat fiercely…  then I gave his manhole a stabbing and his hard work was rewarded with a thick blast of shemen all over his face!

Jul 172018

This is an old co-star from my original “Creamsicle” video and once again his cock and my t-pussy met together and made a creamy, frothy mess all over his big meat…  there’s something about our bodies coming together skin on skin… it makes my sugar walls cream like never before and he finished me off with a heavy load deep inside my guts!

Jul 162018

[flowplayer id=”2340″]

This is an absolutely crazy video… retired pornstar Freakzilla Diego has been trying to get a taste of me for a while but I was in his city…  well we finally got to hookup and it was a lot going on… me following him around the room trying to fuck, him taking bumps of coke, and 2 6packs of beer later, I finally got that ass like I wanted and painted his face creamy white!


Jul 042018

This July 4th I decided to dress up in a sexy red, white, and blue outfit and invited a friend over to make some fireworks happen!  He started off deep throating my shestick and then I proceeded to return the favor to his beefcake…  we took turns enjoying each others cocks until he gave me a grand finale fireworks special blasted all over my perky tits!

Jun 262018

[flowplayer id=”2258″]

Pornstar Michael Steel and I have been playing house so I decided to show off my skills in the kitchen…  after a nice dinner I went to load the dishwasher but he had other things on his mind…  a vicious face-fucking tickling my tonsils!  Dinner was great but my after dinner dessert was even better!

Jun 112018

[flowplayer id=”2337″]

I enjoy sloppy toppy like any other shemale but this mouth right here…..   I’ve never had someone suck me up so great and his hole was soooooo warm and inviting I slid right in…   I have to get some more of this freak so I can paint his face with cream!

Jun 112018

[flowplayer id=”2334″]

This youngin’ was following me on Twitter and sent a private DM saying he wanted a taste of my shebeef…. when I scrolled through his page it was nothing but Christian quotes and Bible scriptures… It never ceases to amaze me how some of the biggest bible thumpers are the biggest bottoms around!  I love the secrets men keep inside and wait until they get with me to release them!

May 182018

[flowplayer id=”2331″]

My costar from Straight Fuckin 13, 29, and 36 has been a great disappointment when it came to giving me that ass, but I promise you this time I finally got it SO DAMN GOOD and left his booty burping with my babies!

May 052018

I had a TON of thick creamy shemen inside me and needed to release…  I put on a sexy purple look and weathered up a thunderstorm of purple passion deep from within my nutsack, then made the BIGGEST LONGEST rain come down I’ve ever seen!  

May 032018

[flowplayer id=”2328″]

This dude is a regular TS pornstar named Michael Steel, and he is usually a top with those other girls… however I’ve been known to bring the freak out of a man and he let out his inner desires by wearing a fishnet dress and getting slutted on the couch…  I’m practicing dick control in light of my recent “premature ejaculations” so I held this juice inside, but next video I will let it go!

Apr 202018

[flowplayer id=”2325″]

He was a horny college nerd who has a secret lust for shemale cock in his ass… when I finally visited his city he rode his bike to my hotel to get plunged and I think he was in heaven because he squealed like a greased pig!

Apr 082018

[flowplayer id=”2322″]

My social media fan has made another secret appearance in my members area… for some reason I’ve been experiencing premature ejaculation recently… I like to think I have excellent dick control but sometimes it gets so good I just can’t hold my load back… enjoy this short session as our bodies melt together and I cover him in my hot nectar!

Mar 082018

[flowplayer id=”2318″]

This is some good morning fuckin with my regular guy… I was feeling a little sleepy and still sluggish but once I was fully awake his ass received a good thrashing and a nice creamy deposit!

Feb 102018

My video co-star has been whoring his hot ass around getting banged by all my shemale friends, but this cock is so strong and good any man who gets a taste will ALWAYS come back for more…  I am a beast in that boipussy and I will always leave them craving another round!

Feb 032018

[flowplayer id=”2315″]

This was during my surgery recovery time where my dick was still getting hard but I couldn’t leave the house…  my regular boipussy made another appearance and it seemed he was extra hungry this morning… I pounded and pounded and it took a minute, but eventually I gave him the juicy load he was craving!

Jan 272018

It was a cold rainy night in Atlanta but we weren’t about to let that stop our turn-up!  After some drinks Tristin, Bianca and I decided to invite some guys over to keep us warm and bring some masculine energy to our girls party…  this small gathering turned into an all out orgy with dicks, tits, and asses everywhere!


Jan 202018

[flowplayer id=”2312″]

This is part 2 to my “Anal Assassin 3” video… after creaming his tight pink hole, my whiteboi twink was still thirsty for more black cock so I pounded him again and gave his cakes a nice glazing this time!

Dec 272017

My former boytoy went back to the comforts of a woman so we’ve been distant for some time now… but we all know a man can’t stay away from the allure of the shemale persuasion, especially when he loves to get DEEP SMASHED in his hungry manhole… I smashed deep and strong in this boipussy and satisfied his inner cravings like no woman ever could!

Dec 122017

I’ve been banging a lotta white boipussy lately and I know you guys have been watching… this dude emailed me and said he had a point to prove to my viewers that he was the best whiteboi bottom out there… I was definitely up to the test and I must admit he took it like a champ!

Nov 242017

My college student called me for a weird favor… his roommates were being too loud in the dorm so he wanted to come over for a quiet place to study…  unfortunately his study time was short lived and this “study break” turned into a lesson in Biology 101!

Nov 032017

On this night I was feeling so freaky I found a spot to stab my social media fan again…  being at one with nature unleashed my inner animal and I ravaged this boipussy like a hungry lion… the serenity and tranquility of outdoors let my inhibitions run wild!

Oct 152017

[flowplayer id=”2187″]

I’m a material girl living in a material world, so of course I love the finer luxury goods in life…  My new boytoy recognized this and decided to show me love by bringing me a designer bag and sexy Louboutin red bottom heels!  I had to return the love and show him just how much I enjoyed my gifts!

Oct 022017

I don’t have too hard a time pleasing myself but sometimes it gets a bit boring jacking off alone… there’s nothing like a man’s firm hands on my gentle nipples, squeezing them ever so firmly and releasing my endorphins to run wild inside my body… a man’s touch is just what I needed to blast off the thickest creamiest load of shemale jizz!

Sep 162017

While driving late night my tire pressure light came on…  I’m a single lady who shouldn’t be alone so this nice gentleman decided to come over and help me…  unfortunately nothing in life is free and this was a classic example…  he asked for a ride home but ended up getting so much more!

Aug 302017

Now I know I’m an AMAZING fuck but this time around I surprised myself with the fury and power of my monstermeat…  my alter-ego Anal Assassin Tracey made another apperance on this unsuspecting twink and she let loose rage never before seen!  2 creamy loads later, his battered body was left flatined!

Aug 192017

He was a young college guy from Missouri that I used to fuck last school season… he returned to ATL for his sophomore year at Georgia Tech and the first thing on his mind wasn’t books but getting back in my hot hole… I missed this young, strong pipe and I let him fill me with every inch!

Aug 012017

I’ve been staying inside just trying to keep out the summer heat but I had no idea what was growing in my trees!  This cute pest control guy knocked on the door to offer his summer specials, but it’s hard to stay discreet in this day and age we live in…  he recognized my famous curves and offered me a year-round special that required no deposit or monthly charges!

Apr 302017

I love young guys but never thought it would catch up with me… however going to meet this new hottie I ran into some trouble with the law… I wasn’t trying to be featured on “To Catch a Tranny Predator” so I swallowed the interrogator instead!

Apr 152017

Naughty TS Vixxxen Tristin Moore and I were preparing for a night out on the town and I thought it would be cool to have a few cocktails before we went out…  I found a drink named “Kinky” and figured it would set us off right for the evening’s festivities…  However Tristin can’t handle much liquor before she begins to feel “kinky”… we spent 45 minutes getting all dressed up and we didn’t even make it to the club!


Mar 302017

My latest boytoy has been pressuring me for a movie night, but I should’ve known better before inviting him over…   we watched TV for exactly 15 minutes before he started feeling and fondling on my body… our “Netflix and Chill” night turned into a nasty raw fuckdown right on the sofa!

Feb 142017

Some guys are not looking to fuck but would rather satisfy my body with their hot tongue and strong hands… he sucked my tits so perfectly and ate my hole so viciously… then he swallowed all my shebeef and left me covered in spit…   we did everything but fuck and I loved every minute of it!

Jan 272017

I have tens of thousands of followers on my various social media accounts and I get propositions all the time to film… unfortunately most guys aren’t ready for that but when I tell you I found the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA FAN…. he made it clear he wanted my cock and we made his fantasy  come to real life!


Jan 102017

[flowplayer id=”2068″]

After waiting for a delivery that took forever to arrive, when it finally got here the delivery guy had the nerve to bring a piece of shattered glass! I was one irate customer and ready to make a complaint call to corporate, however he couldn’t lose his job just for a little mistake… he gave me some smooth talking and even smoother, juicy wet lips and made me forget all about that package!


Dec 242016

I’ve been a very naughty girl this year so I assumed Santa wouldn’t get me much… However my Christmas Wishes were answered when he sent over a thick, big, long piece of meat for me to enjoy on this special day!  If I’m gonna get these types of presents, I’ll be an even more naughty girl next year!


Nov 292016


My latest boy toy just can’t get enough of slurping on my shebeef…  he loves to bow down and worship me like the queen I am and I respond appropriately with a nice hard stick for him to enjoy…  I love the way he makes my body feel with that wet mouth!


Oct 032016


Sitting home bored my mouth was craving for a feeding of big black cock… however my guy was too busy playing Xbox to give me any attention… I had to take his mind off the video game and get it on me and all my sexiness… I put on a live show that no video game could compete with!

Sep 052016


This guy was a referral from a friend of mine… she said he was a shemale pleasing pro, but I always have to find things out for myself…  However, I totally underestimated his ability to bring me to new heights with that hot tongue and deep, warm boipussy…  Join NOW to see him devour my meat and me pound his ass into oblivion!


Aug 042016

meat and mouth

My whiteboi proved his strength once again by handling me and Tristin Moore at the same damn time!  He orally pleasured us and we returned the favor to his vanilla ice cream cone, then he dipped dick deep in our chocolate covered asses!  Meat and mouth was on the menu and he served us up a grand feast! 


Jun 252016


Guys love bragging about how big their “eggplant” is but I’m a shemale who’s very confident in my eggplant and I love showing it off to the world!  I put on a show for my friend and he helped my eggplant reach a temperture where it could’t help but to explode!


Jun 072016


We are 2 amazing shemale sex goddesses so it was only befitting to have a man come over and worship us from head to toe!  He started sucking our toes gently then went up to each of our juicy succulent asses…  he devoured Sexii Trina’s sausage with his mouth and I pleasured his hot hole with my shenis…  Wouldn’t you love to get on your knees and worship the baddest bitches in the shemale porn game?

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May 302016

damn white

This whiteboi has really been giving my body a workout lately… he sucks and fucks me so amazingly I’m starting to loose faith in black men’s ability to satisfy me…  all I can say is “damn white” instead of damn right because that’s just how he makes me feel!


May 142016


In the time I’ve been away from my fans, I’ve been laying low chilling out just enjoying all the things that life has to offer…  I celebrated my birthday, took a small vacation and found some great “me-time”  to unwind…  But during all my resting I never forgot the greatest self-love of all, the pleasure I can bring to my body just by touching my massive meat and letting off a heavy release!


May 012016

backwoods bangout

It’s getting hot in Atlanta and we found a nice spot outdoors to get freshly aquainted with nature!  A nasty versatile session with a freaky versatile guy was a refreshing twist to me and Trina’s rekindling romance…  We devoured his boipussy and I took 2 hot loads on my hot hole!

**Available only on**


Mar 232016

tranny thugs

Tristin and I have been finding time to sneak away from Trina to continue our affair, but this time we added a hungry bottom boi eager to be banged deliriously!  Dressed in wife beaters, boxers, and fresh Jordans, we beat this boipussy up tranny thug style and took him to pleasures unknown!


Mar 072016

creamy white

I decided to play with my co-star from “Couples Therapy” with Sexii Trina, and I must say it was even hotter than the first time… this whiteboi took me to creamy, dreamy heaven with his sweet tongue and strong hands…  We sucked and stroked ourselves to a creamy white delight!


Feb 142016


This Valentine’s Day was an amazing turnup… With things between Trina and I going great, I felt it was okay to step out for a little fun with Carmen Steel and a beautiful bottom boi for an unforgettable bangout…  With all the Valentine’s lovers I have, I should never be alone again!


Feb 052016


We’ve been working hard at getting our marriage back together after the whole Tristin Moore situation, so I decided  to set up a beautiful candlelight dinner by the fire for Trina to show her just how much she is loved!  There was an incredible encore afterwards… a strap-on hole ravaging starring Trina and Tracey!

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Jan 272016

sonic boom

I issue a fuckdown that is unparallelled to any man’s previous experiences…  the rage of my shecock can not be contained and this poor guy felt the wrath of my sonic boom all through his spine!  The sound of my supersonic boom could be heard for miles around!


Jan 042016

public assistance

I had to re-think helping my jailbird hubby when we got to the Social Services office… this rude bitch Tristin Moore was not accommodating at all, giving major attitude and bad customer service… However there was a new program that she was VERY eager to sign him up for!


Dec 152015

sheer stroking

Sheer stockings across my smooth skin makes me feel so erotic and sexy… I turned some pantyhose into a form-fitting outfit showcasing my hot curves…   Then I had a great roll around the bed before stroking my member to a strong pulsating blast!


Dec 012015


After hearing about the notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel in Vegas, we southern black tgirls decided to open up our own shop full of shemale cocks, tits, and asses!  Madame Carmen Steel welcomed our first 2 visitors and we made sure to show them a southern good time complete with all the goodies a man could ever ask for…  Tracey, Trina, Bianca, Tristin, and Madame Carmen welcome you to the Tranny Ranch!  Come on down for an unforgettable visit!

**Available only on**


Nov 212015

anal assassin 2

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy EVERY piece of ass I stab… but sometimes the boipussy gets so good my alter-ego Anal Assassin Tracey comes out and wrecks havoc on all poor unsuspecting holes!  Violently and ferociously, I bust this boipussy open in every postion possible then covered his cakes with my mighty eruption!


Nov 102015


I’m the best when it comes to inhaling a long juicy cock and I make men quiver with pleasure from my deep throat and hot lips…  watch as I showcase my skills, inhaling this meat all the way down with no gag and treating my mouth like a pussy ready to be fucked! 


Nov 042015

slippery when wet

Summer is finally over but we couldn’t let it end without some dick slinging and ass twerking to keep it hot!  After all the fighting is finally resolved, Trina and I invited Tristin over again and covered each other in baby oil for a southern blacktgirl shakefest… We smacked asses then got slippery and wet with hot sticky shemale semen! 



Oct 272015


After Trina confronted me about my cheating with Tristin Moore, everything was supposed to be back to normal… but I’m a dirty whore who has to stray away from home to get another taste of the Tristin’s sweet honey… Trina was right “on top” of that and she brought in Carmen Steel for backup to make me learn once and for all to stay faithful!



Oct 132015

rasta ravage

I’m such an exotic, sexy shemale it was only right I have an exotic man to ravage my body and soul!  This dreadhead rasta took me to ecstasy, ravaging my throat and asspussy like only a true Mandingo could!  Give it to me good and hard mon, deep in me hole!


Oct 042015


I knew I was pushing it cheating with Tristin Moore, but I didn’t think Trina would find out so soon!  Trina invited me over for a “dinner” of sorts…  but food was not on the menu…  she whipped out a 10″ strap-on and proceeded to demolish and destroy my cheating ass!  Then she fed me the real meal, a plate of my own shecum!



Sep 282015


While traveling back home to Virginia, I stopped in a small town just off the highway to get some rest… this guy was cruising me hard as I was unpacking my car so I invited him in to see just what his interest was…  a stop at a cheap motel turned into a hot, versatile, nut busting fuckfest!


Sep 132015


Sexii Trina and I have been having marital problems recently, so there’s no better solution than to find another woman to fulfill my lesbian needs!  Hopefully we can get things back on track, but another woman on the side to keep me satisfied is just what I needed!  Naughty TS Vixxxen Tristin Moore is one hot bitch, I just hope I don’t get caught!


Jul 312015

no hands

My oral skills are second to none, and I possess the ability to deep throat a long hard cock with no hands!  Watch as I engulf this beefcake deep in my warm mouth and bring him pleasures untold to anyone who has never experienced my talents!  He rewarded my hard work with a nice coating of white icing on my pretty titties!


Jun 222015

tongue treatment

My body was made to be teased by a hot tongue licking and sucking all over my nipples and tender pussy hole…  My cock rises as the thought of a warm mouth taking me to ecstasy with hot oral juices flowing down my balls…  I received the royal tongue treatment and melted in pure passionate pleasure!


Jun 152015

drip drop

The summer is fast approaching Hotlanta and it’s so hard to stay cool and dry…  so we decided to turn up hot and wet together in a dripping wet shemale shower!  After spraying each other down with baby oil and splashing hot water on our tits and asses, we pleasured our poles to a dripping messy shecum facial from Trina to Tracey!




May 262015

white1 (2)

My mandingo shebeef is always ready to meet new holes so I took the time to get aquainted with a foreigner eager to engage in anal dismantling!   My black mandingo cock and his tight red Irish bottom were a match made in interracial, international heaven!


May 102015

2LOADS1 (10)

Usually I’m a 1 nut and done kind of girl, but there was something about this warm, deep boipussy that kept my cock rock hard and ready for more!  I ravaged his manhole and mouth with my big meat and bust a thick creamy white load of shecum all over his hot ass cheeks… then he sucked me up again and we went in for round 2…  then I finished with another load dumped all over his wet lips!


Apr 282015

head swap1 (6)

There are so many guys out here who spend their day lusting and longing to suck my cock…  this guy was visiting Atlanta and made it his business to satisfy the desire burning deep inside him…  His days of lusting and longing for Shemale Tracey are over…  It only takes a trip to Atlanta to satisfy you too!


Apr 162015

daytime lovin (1)

My co-star from “Drilled and Filled” has returned to take me to creamy dreamy heaven!  Something magical happens when my hole meets with his meat and my creamy juices always begin to flow!  I gave him the most magnificent blowjob then turned his cock into a creamsicle!


Mar 102015

[flowplayer id=”1733″]

I was feeling so soft and sexy with my all pink look…  from head to toe I was covered in pink fantasy and this made me so horny I had to touch my pinkprint behind my panties…  Join now to see how much cotton candy shoots from my shenis!


Feb 172015

20150215171132 (14)

Sloppy Joe has returned and he was craving a beatdown to his throat and asshole…  I was oh so happy to oblige him and immediately proceeded to annihilate both his holes…  I dug deep down his throat and slow stroked that ass good… then I bust a juicy creamy nut right on his tight hole!


Feb 082015


We’ve been having so much fun playing with each other recently we almost forgot how good it feels to ravage, devastate, and terrorize a submissive bottom’s asshole!  Trina was in full aggression mode and I coached her into a fury of pounding and anal demolition…  We terrorized his poor boipussy and left his entire body drenched in shemale sweat and semen!



Jan 262015

latinass1 (14)

I’ve really been meeting lots of horny Latin men who want my hard cock deep in their ass…  From Puerto Rican to Dominican to Colombian, they have all enjoyed a vicious pounding from me but now it was time to get a little closer to the USA with this Mexican and Black loco chico from LA!  He took it Cali gangster style and I enjoyed every minute!


Jan 132015

payback1 (7)

On our last update Tracey left Trina’s hole raw and ravaged so it was only fair if she returned the favor this time around!  Trina spread Tracey’s cheeks open and exposed her tight hole for all the world to see… then she sprayed her down with baby oil and lubed her up good…  she finished by sodomizing her anal canal and forcing her to balls to release their inner juices!



Jan 082015

retribution (7)

I’ve really had my baby in the doghouse for his indiscretions with Trina but the time has come to finally be nice again…  He knew just what to do to get back on my sweet side and gain his retribution!  Suck me up like a Hoover vacuum and let me blast my sticky nectar all over your face and all is forgiven!


Dec 272014


Sexii Trina’s ass is so delicious I couldn’t resist taking a plunge…   A nice finger to get her open, followed by a hard black dildo thrust deeply into her love tunnel made Trina moan in ecstasy…   my anal probe made Trina shoot hot milk all over!



Dec 142014


I was out all day running errands and felt so nasty and dirty when I got back…  There’s nothing like a hot steamy shower to release all the stress from the day but the water was feeling so good it made my nipples hard and my shenis erect…  After scrubbing myself from head to toe, I decided to REALLY take a load off!


Dec 042014

20141124230405 (26)

The collaborations we’ve been doing has put the demand for Tracey and Trina at an all time high!  We got invited over by one of our fans and he had some dollars to make it rain on the girls if we followed his simple requests… he wanted us to shake our asses with our horse cock and balls dangling, then he said he wanted to see us both bust a fat nut…  Afterwards, we cleaned each other up in a hot shemale shower!



Nov 282014

mr wrong

After catching my hubby with Sexii Trina in “Girlfight” I swore I was done with his messy ass but he’s so addictive that I keep coming back for more!  Once he sticks his hot tongue in my love hole and gives me his sweet ass and mouth I can’t help but to submit to him!  My kitty box creamed and craved his bare meat!


Nov 182014

morning piss (3)

I woke up and had to pee really bad but after I drained my pipe I had the urge to release another type of body fluid…  I sat down on the toilet and whipped up a thick load of morning shemale breakfast food… the only thing missing was a hungry guy to eat it all up!


Nov 082014


Once again, Sexii Trina has tempted another man into her web of seduction! Tracey went to the store and came back to her man and Trina in a VERY compromising position! But fighting over a man never solves anything… so we gave him what he wanted- 2 hot holes and mouths for him to use at his disposal!



Nov 062014

sloppy2 (2)

My new boy next door is grounded by his parents but that still doesn’t stop him from sneaking out for a rendevous with the hot shemale neighbor!  I tapped on his window when his parents were gone and gave him the most magnificent sloppy toppy he ever had!  Gobs of messy wet spit covered his meat and my face then he finished me off with hot shots of skeet!


Oct 162014

[flowplayer id=”1617″]

Big Booty Bianca and I decided to make a full weekend of her birthday by taking a road trip down to sunny Florida!  We had a great dinner, went out to some attractions, enjoyed a few cocktails, and totally had a blast!  Come enjoy some fun in the sun with our big booty birthday celebration!


Oct 152014


Trina and I were just walking to the store in some sexy attire and these 2 dudes rode up on us offering to go to their room for a “party”…  Little did each of them know they were about to be with 2 hot trans girls and the biggest surprise was when one guy told his friend HE was also a transsexual!  This brings a new definition to the word bro-mance!



Sep 192014


In my last video I smashed some cakes that weren’t exactly mine… Dominatrix Carmen Steel wasn’t too happy about that and she made it her business to let me know!  This possessive mistress got enraged and made me AND him submit to her like 2 dirty bitches…  She slapped me like the indecent whore I am and forced me to touch her cock and take a hard dick up the ass!  Then she fucked him down and bust her shemale spunk all over us!  We both suffered the consequences and repercussions!


Sep 112014

20140907215625 (2)

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a new craze but I have my own challenge for all the guys who think they can handle my beefcake…  This dude kept sending all these photos with him folded like a pretzel in different positions saying he was ready for a beatdown by yours truly…  I made him eat those words and put his flexibility to the test with my Pretzel Challenge!


Aug 292014

poke and stroke

My booty was craving some attention and my cock need to blow hard… What’s a girl to do?  I invited a friend over and bent this round apple bottom over for his viewing pleasure, then he poked me nice and slow… I finished my satisfaction with a nice firm stroking of my shebeef and oozed sticky shemale nectar!


Aug 152014

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My whiteboi lover had been missing in action leaving me longing for another taste of his white boipussy…  Finally we were reunited and I used that moment so show him just how much I love, need, and want his body…  That tight pink hole was calling me and I was ready to answer!


Aug 042014

marriedwith children

Lots of guys get married knowing they still have transsexual lust in their mind and this dude was no different…  He stopped calling me  because he was trying to start a “new life” but my transsexual powers were too strong to resist!  He came over to get sucked properly in the way only a TS can!  When his nagging wife kept calling, I told that bitch he was done with her and back in love with me!


Jul 272014

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I love trying different supplements to make my “manhood” stand taller and stronger…  Liquid Ice was an energy drink with an unexpected side effect of an ice hard boner in my panties!  I had to unleash my meat and beat it with fury, then I drank my load with my final gulp of Liquid Ice!


Jul 202014

shitty situation 2

Well I’ve gotten myself into another shitty situation with more than just the usual crap on my cock…  Noisy construction outside, a pesky houskeeping maid at the door, and a messy asshole to top it off, made my fucking not so enjoyable…  Never fear, Anal Assassin Tracey appeared and took control of this shitty situation!


Jul 132014


magicconnection2 (6)

As I get older I’m really getting in tune with my body…  I’ve learned that my nipples and my dick are directly linked through touch!  Sensually teasing my nipples then squeezing them hard makes my meat stand at attention!  This is the magic connection to make me shoot like a cannon!


Jul 042014


allamericangirl (20)

On this Independence Day I bring you all the things that make America the Great the wonderful land that it is!  Long blonde hair, big juicy implants, firm tight abs, round bubble butts, and hung black shemales are some of the best things the USA has to offer!  Come celebrate with me and watch my rocket explode fireworks!

Jun 282014

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While trying to do some dirty laundry after a hard day of work, I was bombarded by this horny bastard who just wants to fuck me all day every day!  My poor pussy can only take so much beating but I gave in and let him get it once again!  From mouth to ass, he beat up all my holes like Mike Tyson and made me scream in ecstasy!


Jun 212014

cumcovered2 (11) 

My loads are getting bigger and stronger everytime I smash some booty… I fucked this ass so good and viciously I squirted a fat puddle of tranny jizz all over his stomach… then he rubbed my cum all over his body and used it as lube to jack off and catch his nut!




Jun 142014

biggest nu (13)

I was bored sitting around the house in my loungewear and realized how long it had been since I bust a super fat load!  Well I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of a nice release but this was the biggest nut I’ve busted yet!  Join now to see how much tranny cum shoots out of my shemeat!


Jun 062014

slumber1 (2)

Sexii Trina invited me over for a weekend slumber party complete with Netflix and a pizza!  We stripped down to some sexy lingerie and waited for the pizza to arrive…  Unfortunately Trina can’t resist flirting with EVERY man she meets and the poor delivery guy was no exception!  She shook her juicy ass and he was putty in our hands!


May 152014


I’ve put dick in many men but they were primarily black… I finally had my stab at some white boipussy and I must say, it was some of the best boipussy by far! Deep throat and deep ass is what I love and this white boi gave it to me!



 Shemale Tracey Group Sex  Comments Off on MARDI GRAS
May 082014


 I love Mardi Gras in New Orleans so this year I invited Big Booty Bianca with me to party party party!  We got nice and loaded and went out to shake our tits for beads… unfortunately we couldn’t get any but we picked up a hot piece of ass instead!  Another round of tequila and it was time to tag team his mouth and ass!


May 012014

Noisy Neighbor

Playing Loud Music really gets me pumped up early morning… maybe a little too much because my sounds brought an unhappy neighbor to my door! My loud music was disturbing, but I wasn’t about to turn down! After seeing my sexy slim body he forgot about the loud music and enjoyed some deep throat!


Apr 242014

sharedassets2 (11)

Sexii Trina and I were chilling on vacation when my co-star from Latin Ass 3 decided to hit me up…Now I’m very possesive when it comes to good ass but I was feeling generous so I decided to let her get a taste!  We both enjoyed these “shared ASSets”! 


Apr 172014


I wanted better sounds in my car but got more than I bargained for when this sexy guy came out to help me! I couldn’t resist flirting with him so he came over after work to “install” his dick in my hole! 


Apr 032014


College basketball is in season and this jock traveled from Boston to Atlanta with his school for a game…I snuck in his room after his college buddies were gone and slam dunked some dick in his ass!


Mar 272014

tranny brutlaity

 My dick wasn’t enough for this tranny thirsty dude… I had to invite Sexii Trina over to satisfy his desire!  We took turns brutalizing his ass and mouth… do you think you could handle the wrath of two black shemale pornstars Tracey and Trina? 



Mar 172014


I ordered a nice Christmas present for myself but I’m not sure what happened when it was delivered…I thought I paid for it online but the order sheet said COD… Well I wasn’t about to pay twice so I used my shemale persuasion to my advantage!


Mar 102014
This dude had been wanting a taste for a long time but his crazy controlling girlfriend was keeping tabs on his every move!  He finally got free to come get satisfied in a way that only I can…  When will women learn, a man’s gonna do what a man’s gonna do!


Mar 062014

mia to atl

The Amazon Queen of Miami, TS Nia Playpen was visiting Atlanta and gave me a call about doing a scene! I jumped at the chance to showcase my skills with another hung shemale goddess!  From MIA to ATL we’re blowing backs out all over the south!


Feb 272014


While I love giving you guys nasty porn vids, it’s always good to show the “real me” every now and then! So I invited my girlfriends Sexii Trina and Naughty TS Vixxxen Tristin out for a day of fun! We had a little girl talk, got pulled over by the cops, and had a great lunch afterwards! Check it out!



Feb 062014


While watching my morning episode of The Golden Girls, I was interrupted by this pesky Jehovah’s Witness coming to tell me about the joys of Jehovah… I had a better idea… Let me show you the Joy Of Tracey!


Jan 232014


All the goodies in the mall were way too tempting for me… I picked up a few “extra” things along with my purchases and got arrested! There was no way I could go to jail so I had to think fast!


Jan 022014


Even though it is my duty to give you guys great porn to watch and jack off, I too enjoy beating my meat to porn!  The visual image of 2 hot hard guys together fucking each other turns me on incredibly!  Watching gay porn has secretly turned into my guilty pleasure!


Dec 262013


A noisy pipe in my walls forced me to call a local plumber….He had 4 years plumbing experience but I’m a TRUE PRO at pipe laying…After he was finished laying pipe in my house walls, I layed some pipe in his anal walls!


Dec 192013


Maybe I should stop giving all these beatdowns to guys because now I know how it feels to be fucked until you can’t take anymore! This dude ravaged me all around the room from the bed to the floor… He thrashed my hole until I couldn’t take anymore and my sore pussy had to tap out!


Dec 122013


My first taste of Latin ass was a Puerto Rican papi…this was followed up by a sexy Dominican daddy who really knew how to back that ass up…They were great but I think I’ve found the ultimate Boriquan booty! This Colombian Cuban mix breed was the sexiest Latin dreamlover I’ve had yet! There’s something about the way they take a good pounding… I just can’t get enough!



Nov 282013


Gay marriage has been passed so I decided to marry the love of my life…Unfortunately our best man gave me a tidbit of info on my soon to be hubby…he’s a lying cheater! So I decided to get my own revenge and have a fling before the wedding…Maybe I should drop my finance and marry the best man!



Nov 212013


Sexii Trina and I have been recording some hot shit lately but we decided to add a little spice to our mix with Big Booty Bianca!  She was eager to whip out her 9 inches and ravage this dudes throat and ass! We took turns holding the cam and getting our shecocks serviced and when it was over he said it was the best he ever had!



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